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Our chop stone comes in two types: (1) sawn chop and (2) natural chop. The sawn chop is smooth sawn on the top and bottom with natural cut sides such that the material can be easily and consistently stacked, with or without mortar, on the smooth, sawn cut faces. The natural chop is chopped on all sides, leaving a more natural look on all faces.

Our natural chop comes in standard sizes of 4-12" in height and 4-12" in depth. We regularly carry limestone, lueders, sandstone (also known as autumn blend) and oklahoma stone in a wide variety of colors.  We typically carry inventory of 4" X 4/6/8", 6" X 4/6/8" and 8" X 4/6/8" for building or patio walls as well as 4/6/8" X 4", 4/6/8" X 6" and 4/6/8" X 8" for retaining walls and other applications. Builders and landscape architects often mix these sizes in order to develop appealing patterns for a wide variety of applications. We can turn around requests for larger dimensions in less than 24 hours. Also note that we refer to the first dimension as the face height and the second dimension as the front to back measurements. Lengths may vary from 4-6" to 18-24".


Whenever you are working with chopped stone, it is important to note that the first size is the height or the actual face of the material. The second measurement is the depth. The lengths on these materials are always random between 4" to 28".

It is also typical to mix colors of sawn and natural chop stone to give a varied look for your style and application. We will be happy to help you chose the right dimensional mixture and color mixture of any of our stone materials based on your needs and requirements. This is your project! We will help you customize to your specifications. 

The following pictures are actual examples of materials that we carry at our facility. Each type and color of material is available in width and depth variations ranging from 4" X to 12". Larger dimensions are typically custom orders and require advance order and strict specifications to ensure your satisfaction.


For all landscape materials and supplies, click to view the pricing sheet. 

Our supplies and materials come from the highest quality sources available; not only from Texas, but nationwide. We can also support large, custom projects and orders with unique specifications. Please contact us directly for details.

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